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An Amazon market analysis and research tool developed by the expert team in Amazon retail.

Anyone can easily perform a series of processes from analyzing the market situation to understanding the current state, all aiming to maximize sales on Amazon!

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With over 40,000 users, what is ERESA?

ERESA is an analysis and research tool that allows you to freely view data from over 1.3 billion products (such as sellers, prices, and ranking trends) sold on and

First introduced as a Chrome extension in November 2018, ERESA reemerged as a web tool in March 2021, and has since been accessible on various devices and operating systems, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

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Selling on Amazon, do you have these concerns?

  • Unsure about what products sell on Amazon.
  • Unclear about the appropriate selling timing and pricing on Amazon.
  • Not knowing what products to procure for each season.
  • Struggling with product planning and development.
  • Want to keep inventory risk to a minimum.
  • Retail on Amazon.
  • Import and export on Amazon.
  • Domestic and international OEM.

Not only for individuals aiming to enter Amazon for the first time, ERESA also solves the problems of EC businesses aiming for further growth!

What can you do with Eresa? Here are some of the features

Detailed Information Review

  1. Check product images.
  2. Switch data to
  3. View product size and product description.
  4. Number of times the ranking has decreased.
  5. View product information.
  6. View lowest price and number of sellers by condition.
  7. View breakeven point for self and FBA shipping.
  8. One-click search to other malls.
  9. Review a wide range of product information at a glance.

You can check various information about the product at a glance!

Various Trend Graphs

  1. Price Changes (by product condition) & Average
  2. Ranking Changes & Average
  3. Seller Changes (by product condition) & Average

Various Trend Graphs

It displays a list of rankings by date, changes in new and used sellers, and changes in the lowest prices for new and used items.

If there are changes in rankings or prices, you can easily confirm them through bold text or color changes.

Other Shop/Mall Information

It displays a list of shop and mall information (with available stock) from sources other than Amazon.

Supported Shops/Malls

  • Rakuten Market (Approximately 38,000 stores)
  • Rakuten Books
  • Yahoo! Shopping (Approximately 1.2 million stores)
  • (when searching on, (when searching on

Top 1000 Category Ranking

With Eresa, you can view the top 1000 in the large category rankings on Amazon, which are usually not visible, for free.

Viewable periods: Real-time, past 30 days average, past 90 days average, past 180 days average.

Registration for Free Membership

ERESA is free to use. To get started, follow the steps to complete the free membership registration (takes about 1 minute).